Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is based on spiritual principles, where the treatment approach is holistic and metaphysically based. As your spiritual counselor, I will utilize my intuitive abilities to tap into the core of every issue or ailment that the you may be experiencing at that moment and time. When we heal one aspect of our situation more healing will naturally occur as the mind, body, and spirit, are all connected and operate as a whole system.

Girl doing yoga

Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities. I am grateful for the opportunity to be your channel for Spirit. If any of these modalities and tools stand out to you, that is your soul's inner guidance system letting you know what you need. Listen to this soul push, you are in the right place at the perfect time. The Light has come, now let it shine. 

 Amber McCullough

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a great form of alternative medicine.  This non-invasive technique will create healing on many levels. It will remove energetic blockages while cleansing your energy field and creating space for well-being to be restored to the mind, body, and Spirit


Energy Healing

Charkra Blancing

Etheric Cord Cutting

Guided Meditation

Emotional Freedom Technique

Crystal Therapy

Universal Laws 



Keys to Manifesting


Guardian Angels 

Arch Angels

Spirit Guides

Animal Totems

Spirit Animals




Soul Purpose

Psychic Medium Reading

A psychic medium reading is great for anyone who wants insight and guidance into their life.  Through my ability to channel,  you will be able to connect with the Divine on all levels. Wether  it is a loved one that has passed, guardian angels, spirit guides,  insight into past lives, or just wondering what your life purpose is, a psychic medium reading  is an incredible experience and can be extremely life changing.