Amber McCullough is the founder of Heal From Within. It was through Amber's own journey to self healing that she came to discover the incredible benefits of a holistic and metaphysical approach to healing and recovery. Amber has an education in psychology and has worked in the mental health and alternative medicine field for many years. It is Amber's unwavering passion to help all sentient beings heal on every level so that they may live a life full of love, harmony, prosperity, balance and well-being. 

"I like to look at this process of growth as a journey with out a final destination. Spiritual growth is a never ending process. The more you learn and evolve, the hungrier you are to grow and learn even more. So, it truly isn’t the destination, because in the reality of things, you are constantly striving and then  arriving, there is not a final destination, just a permanent state of growth and exploration visiting different places. It's pretty magical if you think  of it from that perspective."  -Amber McCullough


About Amber McCullough