Energy Healing

Energy healing is an alternative medicine modality that utilizes universal energy frequencies, light, and information to restore the body, mind, and spirit back to its natural state of well being. It works with the energetic field that exist around and within your body. Unlike most energy medicine techniques, this form of energy healing is not filtered through the practitioner’s being which makes it much more powerful and effective on the healing process. Once the initiation of an energetic exchange occurs with the universal frequencies, the bodies ability to heal will be accelerated from that moment forward.

This form of alternative medicine will provide a healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual plane. This work is beneficial for those who wish to obtain a sense of centeredness and serenity as well as those struggling with but not limited to:

*Anxiety   *Addiction   *Arthritis    *Auto Immune Disease   *Allergies   *Cancer   *Cerebral Palsy    *Chronic & Acute Pain   *Depression   *Derma Ailments   *Epilepsy   *Eating Disorders   *Fibromyalgia   *Insomnia   *Multiple Sclerosis   *Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is a great form of holistic medicine and is beneficial for all sentient beings. This healing modality can be administered to anyone at any age and any location. Distant healing is just as beneficial as an in office session.

                                                                                                     Distance Healing

Distance healing is just as effective as having a healing session in person. The only difference is that you will be in the comfort of your own home. The benefits and outcome of distance healing will be equivalent to what healing you are meant to receive at that point in time.  Due to the fact that every individual is connected to each other on a subconscious level, the practitioner is able to focus on the client and set the intention of the healing while simultaneously tapping into the universal energy frequencies providing space for the universe to assist in all healing. 


Disclaimer: Amber McCullough makes no claims, promises or guarantees, and is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues or challenges.  You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and mental health care.

'When you expand your awareness, your energy flows freely. You're more flexible, balanced, and creative. You view yourself and the world with more compassion and understanding. You have more energy and are open to new possibilities.' -Deepak Chopra