“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein

Spiritual Counseling

Through the process of spiritual counseling, I will support you on your journey of personal and spiritual growth while giving you insight and tools to develop yourself so you may rise to your highest good. I will give guidance on how to re-frame your thinking and change your outlook to perceive all experiences in a positive light with the understanding that everything happens for a reason. I will provide you with in depth insight into which emotional and mental component is contributing to the prevention of healing internally as well as externally. I will teach you mindfulness, the importance of meditation and how to meditate, along with how to develop your own intuition and how to establish a connection with spirit, your guardian angels, spirit guides, archangels, animal totems, an d educate you on universal symbolism within nature and numbers. In each session I will direct you to which spiritual tools and metaphysical practices would best suit you for the expansion and growth of your mind, body, and spirit so you may function from a higher level of consciousness. I will teach you the fundamental tools of cause and effect (karma), the universal laws of attraction, how to manifest and bring your dreams into fruition. According to your specific needs, I will administer chakra balancing, guided mediation, and energy healing.